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First of all, if you are reading this on 16-June, Blogger Aunty wishes you a very Happy Father’s Day otherwise, keep that wish for next Father’s Day in advance. On the occasion of Father’s Day,  Blogger Aunty has brought you the list of top 7 fathers who were trending online and got the limelight in a single night. For the last few years, Social media is on its heights and we have come across a lot of memes, pranks and many other viral things online. And some fathers, especially Indian were trending online and special credit goes to their talent and also to their kids who showed guts to prank their fathers at the cost of belt and shoes they were beaten by.

This 16th of June is not being celebrated just for Father’s Day only but for the world’s famous World Cup match rivals India Vs Pakistan. May we celebrate Father’s Day again tonight. Now without wasting any time lets jump into the list of Top 7 Fathers who were trending online and made their marks on social media platforms.

No. 7- WWE Superstar Miz’s Dad George Mizazin.

Gone are the days when WWE used to go viral for their superstars and divas controversies. Now Superstar’s dads have started ruling over the internet. If you are still somehow following World Wrestling Entertainment then you must know that a few months back. WWE created a storyline around WWE Superstar Miz’s Dad George Mizazin got beaten by Shane Macmahon and he got viral due to his in-ring funny faces shown below.

George-Blogger Aunty -Top Trending Fathers Online

No. 6- An Indian father who was pranked by his son.

We all know if you need to prank daddy then there is no one better than Indian Dads and viral dads like this one are proving it. This time a YouTuber tried to prank his father, the prank was to pretend like smoking cigarette in his room when his father is about to enter, but this YouTuber forgot that his daddy wears leather Chappal and what happened next is in this video.

No. 5- Papa who made her daughter topper.

Most of the times we see Daddies beating their kids for failing in exams but this father when asked by her daughter just for some passing marks, made sure no one in Bihar gets more marks than her daughter. We are talking about the father of most controversial topper of all time Ruby Rai. This father tried his best not to get fame or limelight for this noble deed but then it is our duty to make them viral online.

Rubi Rai's Father- Top 7 Father trending online.- Blogger Aunty

No. 4- Japanese dad smashing son’s brand new PS4.

If you haven’t seen this Japanese dad with a big hammer in his hand then you are not using social media that much. Japanese people are known for discipline and decency but when it comes to youtuber kids, they know how to viral their daddies very well. Let’s see what happened.

No. 3- One of the cutest father-daughter duo, internet ever saw.

If you are an active on social media then you must have come across this cutieful video of father-duo on the internet in which Father is holding his daughter in his hand and dancing on the song “Girls like you” by Maroon 5. This video was ruling social media both on Instagram and facebook and was watched more than once by everyone. Let’s have at this video once again.

No. 2- Daddy! My girlfriend is pregnant.​

There as a lot of Father-Son duos on the Internet but this duo ruled over the internet for a very long time. In this video, the prankster YouTuber son tried to prank his father by telling him that his girlfriend is pregnant and then his father took charge of that moment and what happened next watch yourself.

No. 1- Uncle who danced till he got his name “Dancing Uncle”.

Sanjeev Dabbu is without a doubt one of the top online trending fathers of all time. He has secured the best online trending and viral dads of all time. He snatched the limelight when he showed his killing dance moves and not only social media got mad to see him but even TV channels couldn’t keep themselves away from him. Let’s see this daddy’s dance moves again.

This Father’s Day We hope you are having a great Sunday with your dads. Blogger Aunty wishes you a very Happy Father’s Day. May your Father get viral Online and top our list next year.

Top 7 Fathers who were trending online.- Blogger Aunty.
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