Pankaj Tripathi joins Instagram with Mirzapur Season 2 Teaser.

Everyone likes to wake up in the morning, breath fresh air and go to the toilet but it doesn’t matter what you like when you are living in my colony. Even if it is Sunday morning. Welcome back my friend and best friends, I am sure you all are enjoying your Sunday because you don’t live in my colony. Today our Blogger Aunty gets to know about the latest teaser launch of Mirzapur Season 2 and what happened next caused a pin drop silent in our colony. Keep reading to know what happened here.

Pankaj Tripathi debuts on Instagram

Jo Aaya Hai Woh Jaayega, Bas Marji Hamari Hogi“- This is a line by Pankaj Tripathi from the latest teaser of Mirzapur Season 2. Yesterday Pankaj Tripathi joined Instagram and his first post was a welcome treat for his fans. Pankaj Tripathi is one of the gems of Bollywood. He is an artist who came, took his time and now ruling the hearts of his fans.

This is also special as the Mirzapur team is celebrating its one year Anniversary by releasing the teaser of the next installment to the Mirzapur. The Web series is set to release on Jan 2020, the exact date is yet to be announced. Have a look at the teaser.

Mirzapur Season 2 First Teaser

It was like an Instagram entry dialogue of Pankaj Tripathi as he released the first look of his upcoming web-series. His fans are happy but our Blogger Aunty is abusing in Pankaj Tripathi style whoever she looks at in our Colony. She is so angry because the teaser was released yesterday and she got to know about it today. Everyone is watching her from their house from behind the curtain. It is her lunch-time, so we also took a break. No one is daring to come out of the house. But you don’t need to worry just enjoy the day and don’t come near my colony today.

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Pankaj Tripathi joins Instagram with Mirzapur Season 2 Teaser.
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Pankaj Tripathi joins Instagram with Mirzapur Season 2 Teaser.
"Jo Aaya Hai Woh Jaayega, Bas Marji Hamari Hogi"- Pankaj Tripathi debuted on Instagram with Mirzapur Season 2 Teaser and our Blogger Aunty is on fire.
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Blogger Aunty
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