Latest Marvel spider man movies update made Blogger Aunty go insane.

Marvel Spider Man Movies

Once upon a time, two days ago in the morning, an octopus was slapping me with its every hand, suddenly I woke up and it was my Mummy slapping me 60 slaps a minute. She acted like it was actually my dream and asked me politely to bring double toned milk from Charandas Dairy. I went to the market, in the way I saw a man sleeping on the roadside I approached him and had a close look at him, I couldn’t believe in my eyes, He was none other than Khachedu Uncle, our Blogger Aunty’s husband. Before going to the next paragraph I have to write Marvel Spider Man movies because I need to add my key phrase in the first paragraph for SEO Optimisation. Just ignore it and jump into the next paragraph to know Khachedu Uncle’s heartbreaking story.

I offered him water but when he saw that I had no water, he said “No Thanks”. I sat aside him and asked what happened why he is sleeping on the roadside, he started crying. He told me about a phone call her wife and Our Blogger Aunty received two days back. It was her gossip friend from Hollywood. Her friend told her that Marvel has discontinued the Spider Man movies because of Disney Sony feud. And at that time Khachedu Uncle was cleaning Spider Web in house, he was about to smash a spider when Blogger Aunty started beating him with Leather Belt. Beating him with a belt was normal but the weird thing was that Aunty was wearing Spider Man suit. Actually, She is a huge Marvel fan as you have read in my previous blog about Upcoming Marvel Movies but this time she was heartbroken and Khachedu Uncle physically broken.

What is the story behind Marvel Spider Man Movies news?

The thing is that Sony tweeted to break the news that they are unlikely to be seeing Tom Holland’s character in Marvel films any time soon. Disney is now demanding that future films are financed 50-50, instead of the existing terms which give Marvel 5% of first-dollar gross and all merchandising revenue, with the rest going to Sony. As it stands, Sony Spider-Man films won’t have Marvel’s involvement, Spider-Man will not be seen in Marvel movies, and it isn’t confirmed whether Tom Holland has signed a contract for the two Far From Home follow-ups Sony are planning.

It also affected the life of our Khachedu uncle who is really afraid to go home. He said it was normal with beating him with a belt but now Blogger Aunty has started caring for spiders and asked Khachedu Uncle to walk like a spider in the house. I said let’s go home and talk to Blogger Aunty, he stood up and ran like Usain Bolt. I thought I should go talk to Blogger Aunty but then finally decided to walk toward Charandas Dairy. I really pray that Our Khachedu uncle gets to sleep at home very soon. Only God knows what he has planned for Khachedu Uncle. Well, even I am worried as my mom thinks that I hadn’t realized it was her slapping me in the morning.

So It was the story of Marvel Spider man Movies and our Khachedu Uncle is learning to walk like a spider, I think this is LOVE. May every married couple love each other like this. Maybe not, definitely not I changed my mind. I am putting my helmet on and going to sleep. B-Bye…

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Latest Marvel spider man movies update made Blogger Aunty go insane.
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Latest Marvel spider man movies update made Blogger Aunty go insane.
Our Blogger Aunty has gone insanely mad after she got this shocking marvel spider man movies news. It's a really heartbreaking story of her husband instead
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