Beard Lights to make Christmas 2019 even more special

Winter is here and Wait for Christmas Eve starts. Our Blogger Aunty is back with something special for this Christmas 2019. This blog is for all the males out there and especially the beard freaks. And as you know our Khachedu Uncle has to make sacrifices to make our blogs special, this Christmas special blog is also dedicated to him. Before moving further this is a request for all the men in beard not to cut their beards because our Blogger Aunty wants you to celebrate this Christmas 2019 with Beard Lights.

Khachedu Uncle’s sacrifice for Christmas 2019.

As I told you about the sacrifice our Khachedu Uncle made for this Christmas 2019. Khachedu Uncle maintains a big beard and he loves his beard even more than his own life. Yesterday Blogger Aunty and Khachedu Uncle were doing a romantic house cleaning, uncle was dusting under bed found something like round balls but due to darkness and eye weakness, he couldn’t see what it was. So he lit a matchstick and went closer to it and by mistake, he burnt the Diwali Bombs which his son Tiktoker Gomukh stored for next Diwali 2020.

As I always say Our Khachedu Uncle’s fate is written with a Donkey’s tail. Unfortunately or maybe Fortunately for this blog, cracker burnt and Our Khachedu Uncle came out as a Black Santa Claus. Blogger Aunty’s romantic mood was doubled when she saw Khachedu Uncle’s beard on fire. His beard was like a Christmas tree decorated with lights and she asked Khachedu Uncle to say “Ho Ho Ho”. Now Khachedu Uncle is booked for Christmas Eve. He will dress as Santa Claus and burn a bomb close to his beard under the bed.

Beard Lights for Christmas special beards.

Beard Lights for Christmas 2019

Our Khachedu Uncle does his stunt himself but you don’t need to try this at your home under your bed. Fortunately, Beard Lights are available in the market to make your beard light like a Christmas tree. Take care of your beard, use conditioners, lotions, beard oil, and celebrate this Christmas 2019 like a walking Christmas tree.

What’s next for Christmas?

To make your Christmas even more special our Blogger Aunty is making a list of Christmas special quotes and wishes for you to share with your loved one. We will be back once she is done. Till then grow your beard bigger and if you don’t have a beard, just buy a beard and beard lights package.

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Beard Lights to make your Christmas 2019 special- Merry Christmas
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Beard Lights to make your Christmas 2019 special- Merry Christmas
Celebrate this Christmas 2019 with beard lights and enjoy the Christmas Festival like a Christmas Tree. Read to know how Khachedu Uncle sacrificed for it.
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Blogger Aunty
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